Our Trucks


All of our potable water trucks are inspected twice monthly by the Vancouver Island Health Authority to insure guaranteed sanitary conditions for our customers deliveries.  Water samples are laboratory tested for microbial contamination and must be in compliance with government mandated standards.


All trucks are equipped with pumps and up to 200 feet of discharge hose.  Longer distances can be accommodated with prior notice (addition fees may apply).


Currently we offer service with five potable water trucks of various sizes:


Peterbilt                   3300 Imperial gallons   (4000 US Gallons)

Mack                         3000 Imperial Gallons  (3603 US Gallons)

Western Star           3000 Imperial Gallons  (3603 US Gallons)

GMC                         2000 Imperial Gallons  (2400 US Gallons)

Small Mack             1666 Imperial Gallons  (2000 US Gallons)

Freightliner    (Fire Suppression Tanker  - Non Potable Water)

                                 2000 Imperial Gallons  (2400 US Gallons)

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Cisterns - Wells - Pools - Ponds - Hot Tubs

“Service the Old-Fashioned Way”

1993 Small Mack Mid Liner

1666 Imperial Gallons

(2000 US Gallons)

Very manoeuvrable, good for tight spaces

Our 1988 Mack

3000 Imperial Gallons

(3603 US Gallons)

Divided in to 2 compartments, 2000 and 1000 Imp. Gal. sizes.

Very versatile, good for hot tubs.

Our 2007 GMC Spray Truck

2000 Imperial Gallons

(2400 US Gallons)

Good for construction site, roadways, dust suppression as well as delivery of potable water.

Call Us, we’ll help you pick the right truck needed for your water needs.